1/2 Mile East of Hwys 3 & 14, Winkler, Manitoba

Dig-All Construction (1994) Ltd

1/2 Mile East of Hwys 3 & 14, Winkler, Manitoba


High Density Polyethylene Pipe, Fusible PVC, Insulated Pipe‚Äö Horizontal Directional Drilling‚Äö Custom Trackhoe Work‚Äö Backhoe, Water Mains/Sewer Lines‚Äö Excavating‚Äö Dig Basements‚Äö Wastewater Lines‚Äö Septic Systems‚Äö Trenching

Dig-All Construction is a leader in commercial and residential fields of construction. We are located in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. At Dig-All Construction we provide quality and experience services. We are also a very user friendly, professional, and dependable service. To experience the services that we offer at Dig-All Construction please give us a call today. At Dig-All we do jobs for the government and municipalities. In addition to that we also do work for urban and rural clients.


Dig-All Construction Ltd is a Family Run business that always provides employment for the Winkler area. We have been in business for over 30 years.


We install all town rural water and sewer lines for residential and commercialized needs. We also do snow clearing for the commercialized businesses. As well as we cleared the parking lots and roadways in our communities.

We started Residential Work in the 70's as a industry business. Then the government contracts for rural waterline. In the 80's we began town infrastructure works and we also did some work for on the First Nations Reserve. In the 90's we did some installing for the town supply waterline in Churchill, Manitoba.


Now we continue with all types of previous works and have added Horizontal Directional Drilling as a great asset to the company, for many uses and also applications.







1/2 Mile East of Hwys 3 & 14, Winkler, Manitoba
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